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We are a group of entrepreneurs born with the main idea of contributing to the development of the various communities of Ecuador through sustainable turism  respecting enviroment; The corporate name is ECUADOR SIN LIMITE S. A., and trade name is Danna Tours, our goal is to provide the best solutions for travelers on their holidays, offering different tourism activities, combining adventure and outdoor sports, in contact with nature and different communities in the country for cultural enrichement that our guets are looking for  in order to satisfy that interest in trying new things; relax, clear your mind, forget about the problems,  so that you can enjoy with family or friends. Ecuador is a small world that has it all and in only a matter of hours you will travel to different regions with different climates and cultures. We have excellent partners in accommodation the best in the country, that suit your need, taste and / or requirements, Eco-lodges; and our professional bilingual guides that are the most requested in service and attention to clients referred, that will guide you and resolve any concerns.Every detail has been professionally studied and programmed so you just worry about enjoying your holiday with an experienced team.


Advise, Schedule, coordinate and market travel nationally adapting to the needs of tourists either domestic or foreign, meeting high safety standards in our services.

Vision 2015:

To be a reliable tour operator, to provide security to the guest offering one of the best travel experiences in a sustainable manner, respecting the environment by helping to improve the quality of life of communities.